Download Wondershare Free YouTube Downloader on Windows. After that, double-click on to open the .exe download file in order to run it. Once installation is complete then click to start.

Part 1: Download YouTube video

Three browsers on the internet, IE, Firefox, Chrome are supported by the Free YouTube Downloader. You can simply run any of these three or use the built-in browser by choosing the “Online Video” tab in the program’s interface . It will search for and open the desired YouTube videos. Then, you’ll have two options for downloading the YouTube videos.

1.) By clicking the Download button If you browse YouTube videos on your browser, Free YouTube Downloader detects the video automatically. A Download button appears in the upper-right corner of the video’s screen. After a single click, the video will be added to the YouTube Downloader for Free to download immediately.

The YouTube video downloader is free.

2.) By Copy and paste URL Copy the URL of the video and then click the + Copy URL button in the top of the interface. That’s it! You’ve succeeded.

A YouTube Downloader for Free

Once your videos have been downloaded, double-click them within the “Downloaded” Library to play them with the built-in video player. If you want to include local FLV MP4, as well as WebM videos into the Video Library to make it easier to manage simply right-click on any area in the Library’s interface and then click “Import” to upload videos.

Part 2: How to make videos

It is necessary to start to launch the Video Recorder if you wanted to record videos from well-known websites like Netflix or Hulu Plus. Use the “Finder” (from the Start menu) to find this Video Recorder. You can then search for your favourite videos on the internet. When you click Play, you’ll see an obvious red bracket above the video streaming. Then, you can click the button which will be displayed on screen.

Record videos

Part 3 How to transfer video to mobile devices wirelessly

1 Set for wireless transfers.

Make sure that your mobile device has the exact Wi-Fi connection that is connected to your computer to establish the connection. Then, open the Connect window of the program.

the settings for YouTube Downloader for Free YouTube

2 Install Wondershare Player

Download and install Wondershare Player’s mobile apps (skip this step if already own it). If you do not have the mobile application just click here to connect to download it on the device you’re using. Android as well as iOS device.

the settings for the YouTube Downlaoder for free.

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3 Establish a connection

Select Transfer via WiFi after you’ve opened your Wondershare Player on your mobile device. Then, click the Scan QR code icon. Then, scan the QR code within the Connect window of Free YouTube Downloader. window.

the settings for YouTube Downloader Free YouTube

the settings for YouTube Downloader Free YouTube

4 Transfer files

Click on the tab Finished to transfer downloaded files the way it’s done by clicking”Transfer” To Mobile icon.

options for the YouTube Downloader Free YouTube

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Part 4: Setting for YouTube Downloader Free YouTube Downloader

The customisable settings let YouTube Downloader perform exactly what you would like. The Settings box contains three components:

General Settings: Adjust settings for download controls and app update.

Download: Set the number of videos that could be downloaded a time and it will automatically resume not completed tasks after starting.

Place: Choose a location to save the downloaded YouTube videos.